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"Since my Breathwork session with Lukis, I've had some massive positive changes in my life. He held the space like a true peaceful warrior and I felt safe in his presence the entire time. I'd never heard about Breathwork and went into it with no expectations. I had no idea how intense the experience would be. It brought my whole body to life. At times I felt discomfort but I pushed through anyway. I'm glad I did because towards the end of my session it was like I left my body for a few minutes and had a vision. When I returned, I forgot what I'd seen but something was planted deep in my subconscious. Highly recommend this experience and I'm excited for my next session!"

- James Aspey, Vegan Activist and Speaker


"Wow where to start! I am so grateful that I trusted my intuition & dived into a Breathwork session with Lukis.

At first I was a little apprehensive but Lukis immediately made me feel at ease. He has such a kind heart & nurturing soul. He creates a safe and sacred space for your journey together that allows you to really drop into your body, surrender and let go. 

What I experienced in our session together was nothing short of magical. I have explored various emotional healing modalities and this was honestly like nothing I have ever experienced before. 

I went into the session feeling a bit flat, emotionally blocked and disconnected.  I walked out feeling empowered, open and free. Something has shifted deep within me.  

Thank you Lukis for sharing your gifts and creating such a beautiful space for self discovery.  I will never forget our session together."

- Abergale Bremner, Women's Empowerment Coach, Master NLP Practitioner

"I won't ever forget my Breathwork session with Lukis, a power buried deep within me was unlocked and I’ve been experiencing it unfolding in my life ever since. Words alone won’t ever do this type of work justice, it has to be felt and experienced. Only I know the effect from that day and all I can say is I am eternally grateful. It takes a very special type of person to be able to hold such sacred space."

- Rick William, Athlete, Entrepreneur & Creative Director at William Bros Creations

"Lukis opened up a whole new world for me by showing how powerful something as simple as breathing can be. He allowed me to dive deep while feeling super safe during the entire session. Definitely paying him another visit. I went in with very little expectation but came out the other side completely convinced by the power of Breathwork. 10/10. "

- Jon Venus, Vegan Athlete, Fitness Coach & YouTuber

"I couldn't have asked for a better first time Breathwork experience. I have done work with several prominent shamans from South America and Lukis holds space at a very high level. His energy is very pure and strong, and I feel safe and protected with Lukis, which is so incredibly important when you are quite vulnerable working through some powerful stuff. I beyond highly recommend Lukis, and then some. "

- Kip Andersen, Filmmaker and Co-Producer of Cowspiracy & What The Health


My breath work session with Lukis impacted me so greatly that it’s hard to string words together.

I was so nervous before hand and he held the most incredible space for me where I could completely immerse myself into the session with no fear. I had so much trauma trapped inside my body - taking up valuable space for personal growth.

I released SO much - but the biggest thing I want to highlight is the panic. For 5 years I suffered from severe panic attacks and during the session I was able to recognise the ‘panic filter’ I had inside myself and completely release it.

Since my session, I feel like life has tested this and I’ve had so much come up where I could have easily panicked - but that response is just not within me anymore and I feel so, so free. 

I traded confusion for clarity, pain for progress, and heart break for a new heart beat. I’ll never, ever forget this and I’m so thankful I found Lukis’ work.

- Lily Christie, Mental Health Advocate

"My Breathwork session with Lukis was a very deep and profound experience. I felt very safe and comfortable with him and the session brought up a range of emotions. I feel like I worked through a lot of past trauma and I didn't expect it to be as powerful as it was. Highly recommend this type of healing for anyone interested in some serious soul searching."

- Joey Carbstrong, Vegan Activist and Speaker

"Lukis guided me to explore parts and places of myself I didn’t even know existed. His gentle, comforting presence held space for me perfectly as I journeyed into some of my deepest vulnerabilities. He’s truly gifted, one session with him and you’ll understand he was put on this earth to facilitate healing for humanity."

- Morgan James, Entrepreneur


"I've been on a spiritual and personal growth journey for the past 15 years and this year I decided to fly out to Bali and do a 7-day Mind Body Soul Intensive with Lukis! I worked through a lot of deep emotions and let go of a lot of negative unwanted energy I’d been holding onto. As an ex pro-boxer, it was great to let go of the need to be strong and "brush things under the carpet”. I also had great insights about what I want to create in the future! Fast forward to the completion of our work and I'm a new man with a new future!"

- Richard Hackney, Athlete and Personal Trainer